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Mountain Bikes

For adventurous off-roaders, or leisure cyclists, we stock a range of men’s and women’s mountain bikes. These bikes combine strength and style, and make easy work of rough terrain and the open countryside. We supply mountain bikes with broad tyres and tough suspension to absorb shock and handle even the roughest terrains. Mountain bikes are a great way to keep fit, and to travel where terrain may be rough, or hills steep. These bikes are a popular choice for commuters, leisure and sports riders alike.

Our Raleigh-designed MTRAX bikes are suitable both in city environments and on rough terrain with cracks, bumps and crevices, thanks to its Shimano gears, suspension and disk-brakes. For vigorous outdoor riding we provide Barracuda bikes that can handle even the most difficult terrains.

As well as quality mountain bikes, we provide road bikes, hybrids and folding models. You can buy online now, order by phone, or visit any of our superstores across the country.