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Hybrid Bikes

Machine Mart provides a range of flexible bikes which are at home both on city streets and country roads. We provide a range of hybrid, trekking and folding bikes for men and women.

Why choose between a road bike or a mountain bike when you can have the best features of both? Our hybrid bikes are tough enough to withstand bumpy terrain, poor road conditions and steep hills, but are lightweight enough to keep you moving at a decent speed. If you are looking to go off road, or just want a comfortable ride to work, then a hybrid bike such could be the perfect choice.

We provide Raleigh-made Activ trekking bikes which are designed for comfortable commuting but can still handle bumpy and muddy roads. These are perfect when more versatility is needed. Our range of folding bikes can quickly be folded and unfolded, perfect for taking in the car boot or on public transport, and can be stored at home or in the workplace for increased security. You can buy online now, order by phone, or visit any of our superstores across the country.