Dream Workshops!


During a recent #MMProjects competition, we received some fantastic photos from a customer which really WOWed us all!

Not only were the photos amazing, but it gave us an idea and from that idea came a fantastic interview and video which we are sure you will love.

We made a trip to see a Machine Mart enthusiast called Ant and his garage which we thought was pretty special indeed.

Not only was the garage full of fantastic Clarke products, sourced from Machine Mart, but we were green with envy at his collection of motor bikes and frankly, the garage was nice enough to live in!

In our interview, we talk about Ant's love for motorbikes, how he came up with the design of his garage, any plans for the future and his love of Machine Mart.

Watch the video NOW!

Do you have a garage or workshop you'd like to show off? Big or small, organised or messy, we'd love to see it. Show us your works in progress or your finished project.

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