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£39.98ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke RWL10 Quartz Halogen Spotlight with Built-in Fluorescent Work Light
product: 010812822

Extremely bright 10 million candle power spotlight for industrial, domestic and leisure applications. Ideal for camping, caravanning, breakdowns, security etc plus trade and home use. This portab

£39.98ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke RWL12 - 12V Rechargeable Fluorescent Light
product: 010813005

Super bright fluorescent floodlight for electricians, night use on construction sites, tradesmen working without mains electricity etc. Also suitable for roadside use, caravanning and camping. This po

£212.68ex. VAT
Image of  Facom 779.CL2 Cordless Led Inspection Lamp
product: 010817792

The power consumption of the LEDs in your FACOM FVS inspection lamp is controlled by a microprocessor. This guarantees that the specified lighting power is maintained for as long as possible, avoiding

£23.25ex. VAT
Image of  Gunson 77040 Rechargeable LED Lamp
product: 010817040

This compact rechargeable LED lamp features magnetic back fixing, swivel hook, soft grip and 36 super bright LED. It can be recharged from 12Volt output socket or 230V. It easily fits into the glove c

£14.95ex. VAT
Image of  Laser - 90 Lumen High Output Aluminium Torch
product: 010815480

This powerful 90 Lumen Aluminium Torch from Laser is ideal for various applications around the home, workshop or outdoors. Capable of producing light powerful enough to illuminate areas up to 100 metr

£126.95ex. VAT
Image of  Laser 3823 LED Lamp - Rechargeable
product: 010813823

Part of the Phantom range of lighting this portable inspection lamp has a rechargeable battery pack for running 35 super bright LEDs. Torch and strip light facility. Rotary hook for positioning, rubbe

£28.99ex. VAT
Image of  Nightsearcher POWERSTAR Rechargeable LED torch
product: 010816186

Rechargeable LED torch that offers 180 lumens.  Supplied with an adaptor to fit most standard smart phones ( iPhone, mini USB, Micro USB) the li-ion battery will enable the user to fully rech

£10.35ex. VAT
Image of  Brennenstuhl LuxPrimera 145 Multicolour LED Torch With IP64
product: 010818730

The Brennenstuhl LuxPrimera 145 Multicolour LED Torch is ideal for those with an active lifestyle thanks to the IP64 protection. It is equipped with a high-performance 1 Watt Power LED which shines

£59.98ex. VAT
Image of  DeWalt DCL DCL043 18V XR LEDJob Site Light (Bare Unit)
product: 010810043

This LED Spotlight is a high power spotlight that provides focused high intensity beams. Compatible with all batteries from the Dewalt XR range. Provides over 10 hours of runtime with a 5.0Ah battery

£17.99ex. VAT
Image of  LED Lenser® P4BM Professional Hand Torch
product: 010818404

This slim, metal-bodied pen shaped torch with Blue Moon illumination is frequently used by engineers, mechanics and technicians, who like to have on hand a top quality inspection instrument that ca

£19.98ex. VAT
Image of  Nightsearcher EXPLORERV1 Non-Rechargeable LED Flashlight
product: 010811120

Non-rechargeable single AA flashlight providing  between 20-1.5h runtime dependent on mode.

£4.05ex. VAT
Image of  Brennenstuhl Eco-Light FL DUO 8 LED Torch
product: 010819890

The Brennenstuhl Eco-Light FL DUO 8 LED Torch is a powerful lamp/torch with a handy laser pointer. The 8 super bright LEDs provide 18 lm and are housed in a sturdy metal casing. The soft-touch switch

£37.99ex. VAT
Image of  LED Lenser® Professional Hand Torch
product: 010819407

This best-selling medium-bodied hand-held torch features a reconfigured relector lens so that the high-performance CREE LED light chip illuminates the widest possible area, something sure to be wel

£174.95ex. VAT
Image of  Nightsearcher Panther - Rechargeable LED Searchlight
product: 010810014

The Panther LED Searchlight, is the latest edition to the Panther range. This version uses 9 CREE® XP-C LEDs, producing an impressive 1,500 lumens, with a beam distance of 750 metres. It has 4 lig

£94.99ex. VAT
Image of  DeWalt DCL060 18v Li-ion XR LED Area Work Light Torch (Bare Unit)
product: 010811060

DeWalt DCL060 18v Li-ion XR LED Area Light Torch provides a maximum output of 1500 lumens, featuring a 105 degree rotating lamp head, this will brighten your job site.

£59.98ex. VAT
Image of  Nightsearcher Puma XML Rechargeable Searchlight
product: 010813744

The Puma XML is a rechargeable LED searchlight. Offering the latest in technology (XML) The unique deep dish reflector enables maximum distance to lumen ratio.  Using a Li-ion battery to ensu

£16.99ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke CT3D Superbright CREE LED Flashlight
product: 010813505

An extra bright 3W high intensity, long life LED torch. Helps increase visibility.

£12.99ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke CT4AA 3W CREE Superbright LED Flashlight
product: 010813511

An extra bright 3W high intensity, long life LED torch. Helps increase visibility.

£7.80ex. VAT
Image of  Brennenstuhl LuxPrimera Focus 100 LED Torch With IP54
product: 010818741

This Brennenstuhl LuxPrimera Focus 100 LED Torch has IP54 protection to protect it against dust and contamination, making it the ideal mini torch for active lifestyles. This extremely bright CREE L

£9.30ex. VAT
Image of  Brennenstuhl LuxPrimera 140 CREE LED Torch With IP65
product: 010818720

This Brennenstuhl LuxPrimera 140 LED Torch is ideal for people with outdoor lifestyles thanks to its IP65 protection. The high powered, extra bright 3W Cree LED is ultra bright and gives the user a
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