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Tile Cutters & Tiling Accessories

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£59.98ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke ETC180 500W Electric Tile Cutter (230V)
product: 060810180

Well suited to both domestic and light trade use, the Clarke ETC180 electric tile cutter is ideal for the fast, accurate cutting of ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, slates and stones. The diamond rim cutt

£26.99ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke 3-in-1 Manual Tile Cutter - TCM420
product: 040213216

A versatile, professional hand tool that makes easy work of cutting holes, angles and straights in most types of ceramic tile. This hand operated model works by scoring the ceramic glaze with a sharp

£17.99ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke Manual Tile Cutter - TCM430
product: 040213215

A quick & simple way to perform routine tile sizing. This hand operated model works by scoring the ceramic tile glaze with a tungsten carbide blade then breaking the tile along the resultant line of w

£4.99ex. VAT
Image of  Grout  Float Trowel
product: 040215670

This Grout Float Trowel is ideal for use during tile grouting. 

£5.99ex. VAT
Image of  Tile Saw
product: 040213303

This Tile Saw is ideal for cutting slots, angles and curves in ceramic, glassware, marble, stone and other hard materials. Features an extra deep steel frame for improved cutting access. Capable of cu

£3.99ex. VAT
Image of  Soft Grip Adhesive Trowel 280mm
product: 040714230

This adhesive trowel allows for easy application of adhesives for tiles and other fixings. Features an ergonomic handle for ease of use and a more comfortable experience and teeth on the blade for a m

£39.98ex. VAT
Image of  Vitrex Plasplugs DWW200 Compact XL Electric Tile Cutter
product: 060811201

Electric tile cutter ideal for trade and domestic use. The 110mm diamond blade cuts wall and floor tiles up to 20mm thick cleanly and accurately with the aid of the fence and double ruler guide. The w

£14.99ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke CHT733 Professional Mortar Gun Set
product: 090110733

The Clarke CHT733 is a professional grade mortar gun which can be used as a mortar or tile grouting gun. It is ideal for re-pointing walls, filling gaps in patio slabs and grouting floor or wall tiles

£36.99ex. VAT
Image of  Vitrex Torque Master Power Compact Tile Cutter (230V)
product: 060813402

Electric tile cutter for cutting all tile types, including Porcelain & Naturals. Motor drives a water cooled diamond blade which can cut tiles any size or width up to 25mm thick. Water is stored i

£19.98ex. VAT
Image of  Vitrex 'Grout Out' Electric Grout Remover
product: 060814200

An easy to use electric grout remover to remove old and discoloured grout from tiles, allowing you to refresh any tiled area. The tool has variable speed for total control, and interchangeable precisi

£34.99ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke ETC8 Electric Tile Cutter
product: 060810008

Ideal for DIY use. Provides fast, accurate cutting of ceramic tiles. The 180mm continuous rim diamond blade makes short work of most ceramics.

£99.98ex. VAT
Image of  Vitrex Versatile Power Pro 750 Wet Saw (110V)
product: 060813421

Electric tile cutter for cutting all tile types, including Porcelain & Naturals. Motor drives a water cooled diamond blade which can cut tiles any size or width up to 25mm thick. Water is stored

£1.99ex. VAT
Image of  Tungsten Carbide Tile Scribe
product: 040213304

This Tungsten Carbide Tile Scribe is the ideal for scoring and cutting delicate ceramic tiles, glass and metal. Features handy pocket clip for easy carrying.

£16.66ex. VAT
Image of  Draper Manual Tile Cutting Machine
product: 040218861

The Draper Manual Tile Cutting Machine cuts and breaks ceramic tiles in one easy operation. It has a heavy gauge sheet steel base with a foam cushion surface, graduated measuring gauge and replacea

£3.49ex. VAT
Image of  Single Cup Suction Lifter
product: 040213701

This Single Cup Suction Lifter is designed for easy handling of non-porous tiles, marble, glass, plastic and sheet metals. Easy to operate suction vacuum controlled by the locking handle. The 120mm ru

£5.99ex. VAT
Image of  Soft Grip Tile Cutter
product: 040213702

Perfect for cutting and shaping ceramic and porcelain tiles. The tungsten carbide tipped edges provide extra strength and durability. Features ergonomic soft grip handles for increased comfort during

£1.99ex. VAT
Image of  Professional Grout Rake
product: 040213007

This Professional Grout Rake is ideal for removing old and discoloured grout prior to replacement. Features a saw edged blade for cutting through grout and grit edged blade for removing debris. Manufa

£7.99ex. VAT
Image of  Silicone Scraper/Applicator Set
product: 090118775

Excellent for DIY'ers, this Silicone scraper/applicator set allows users to get a professional finish with ease. Manufactured for the easy removal and application of silicone and other sealants, t

£99.98ex. VAT
Image of  Vitrex Pro 650W Wet Tile Cutting Saw
product: 060813430

This electric diamond wheel tile cutter can be used for cutting all types of tile including Porcelain & Natural tiles. The powerful 650W motor drives a water cooled diamond blade which can cut til

£3.99ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke CHT734 Accessory Kit For CHT733 Mortar Gun
product: 090120734

A five piece accessory kit manufactured for use with the Clarke CHT733 Mortar gun. Complete with a variety of different nozzles to suit the requirements of a wide range of applications.
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