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Staplers, Staple & Nail Guns

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£9.98ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke CHT494 Cable Tacker
product: 040210494

Loose cabling can be unsightly and even dangerous. This handy tacker fixes telephone, TV aerial, satellite, audio, computer and other low voltage/data cabling securely in position. So much easier and

£8.99ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke CSG10 Staple & Nail Gun
product: 040215240

A best selling hand operated nail and staple gun suitable for so many different types of fixing including upholstery, hard-board, fabrics, plywood, canvas, plastics etc. Compatible nails and staples

£29.98ex. VAT
Image of  Tacwise Z3 4-in-1 Staple/Nail Tacker Kit
product: 040211053

This handy tool is lightweight and is ideal for a wide range of applications. Loading any one of 4 different types of staple/nail is simple and easy, as is switching the small lever for cable staples.

£28.99ex. VAT
Image of  Tacwise 53EL Hobby Tacker Kit
product: 060811038

Ultra-compact corded tacker ideal for professional and lightweight applications. Featuring an all polymer body, the compact 53EL uses the popular 53 type staple. Compatible nails for this kit

£19.98ex. VAT
Image of  Tacwise A11 Hammer Tacker
product: 040215246

A hugely useful & robust hammer tacker for numerous stapling/tacking jobs from carpet fitting to fastening cardboard packaging, from securing roofing felt & insulation to putting up decorati

£19.95ex. VAT
Image of  Rapesco CT60 ABS Cable Stapler
product: 040212156

Rapesco's CT60 cable stapler fastens low voltage cable (TV aerial cable, computer installation cable etc.) upto a maximum diameter of 6mm. ABS plastic construction means the CT60 is robust yet lightwe

£19.95ex. VAT
Image of  Rapesco CT45 ABS Cable Stapler
product: 040212155

An ABS plastic, BT approved cable stapler designed for fastening the low voltage cables used in telecommunications, security and Hi-Fi installations.

£17.95ex. VAT
Image of  Tacwise Z3-140 - Professional Nail And Staple Tacker
product: 040213141

Designed for professional users; the Z3 tacker has an extruded die-cast zinc body for great durability and it deploys Tacwise's Z-tec technology featuring recoiless action, adjustable driving forc

£17.95ex. VAT
Image of  Tacwise Z3-53 - Heavy Duty Staple And Nail Tacker
product: 040210353

Designed for professional users; the Z3-53 tacker has an extruded die-cast zinc body for great durability and it deploys Tacwise's Z-tec technology featuring recoiless action, adjustable driving f

£12.99ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke CHT738 Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker
product: 040212738

The CHT738 from Clarke is A strong penetrating power staple tacker suitable for trade or DIY use. This handy tool is useful for many applications around the home or workplace where repetitive stapling

A highly versatile range of power tools for numerous jobs & tasks that require a quick & secure fastening solution.

Mains powered staple & combined staple / nail guns for fastening a wide range of materials & products. Ideal for use on wood, processed timbers, fabrics, upholstery etc.
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