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Solar Panels & Accessories

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£330.00ex. VAT
Image of  SolarSDS 1000 Pure Sine Wave Inverter
product: 010611001

The SolarSDS1000 solar generator offers exceptional value for money and suits a wide range of markets. Portable and compact for leisure use – camping, caravanning, boat  and ideal for ru

Limited stock, please call 0115 956 5555 for availability.

£195.00ex. VAT
Image of  SolarSDS 12V 80 Watt Folding Panel
product: 011110080

These 12V solar pannels are designed to charge the AceOn's Solar SDS Generator (sold separately)   AceOn’s off-grid solar modules offer high performance and reliability for both comme

£499.99ex. VAT
Image of  SolarSDS Power & Lighting Kit
product: 010611080

This bundle includes the SolarSDS 1000 generator, as well as folding solar panels to charge the generator and everything you need to power the LED lights included. Unbeatable value for money! The S

Limited stock, please call 0115 956 5555 for availability.

£99.95ex. VAT
Image of  SolarSDS 12V 33AH Extension Battery
product: 010620028

This extension battery is an additional item to extend longer running times on the SolarSDS Generators. Operates via the SolarSDS cigarette socket. Added to this you can connect additional extension

£6.95ex. VAT
Image of  SolarSDS 12V LED Lighting Adaptor
product: 010620012

This unique 12v lighting adaptor can power up to 5 SolarSDS 12v LED lighting strips. Enables illumination for work, leisure and emergency use by connecting directly into the SolarSDS. Can be used for

£17.99ex. VAT
Image of  Solar Auto Battery Charger - 2.5 Watts
product: 011110010

Keeps your battery charged with solar power, using interchangeable adaptors. ABS plastic casing which is UV and shock resistant. Operates under cloudy conditions and includes the following: 12V power

£19.16ex. VAT
Image of  Draper Solar Powered Battery Master
product: 011113614

The Draper Solar Powered Battery Master is specially designed to be left connected to standard wet lead/acid batteries for extended periods of time, thus preventing auxiliary circuits (clocks, alar

£39.98ex. VAT
Image of  Brennenstuhl Solar LED External Lamp
product: 010810710

80 LED Lamp Practical and suitable for outdoor use, IP44. Ideal for illumination of large areas. No professional fitting required.

£25.64ex. VAT
Image of  Gunson 77108 - 12V 4W Solar Battery Charger
product: 011117108

A solar powered battery charger allowing off-site charging for numerous vehicles including cars, motorcycles, boats, ATVs and caravans. This charger is suitable for all 30ah batteries and above. This

£22.95ex. VAT
Image of  Oxford OF949 Solariser Essential Solar Battery Optimiser
product: 011110949

Essential solar battery optimiser. Simply attach the Solariser by: – plugging into the cigarette lighter socket or – with the permanent battery connection leads – with the crocod
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