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Sledge Hammers and Mallets

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£19.98ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke 10lb Sledge Hammer (Fibreglass Handle)
product: 040213511

£19.16ex. VAT
Image of  Draper 3 Piece Builders Kit
product: 040716120

The Draper 3 Piece Builders Kit includes a 1kg club hammer with an accurately ground striking face that is polished, tempered and hardened, as well as being fitted with a FSC approved straight grai

£31.66ex. VAT
Image of  Draper 6kg Rubber Paviors Mallet
product: 040718453

The Draper 6kg Rubber Paviors Mallet has a Rubber head and hardwood shaft, it is ideal for installing paving or curbs. 

£39.98ex. VAT
Image of  Spear and Jackson 6" Post Rammer
product: 040711006

The post rammer is used for driving posts deep into the ground. The downward thrust along with the weight of the products makes erecting fence posts easier.

£17.99ex. VAT
Image of  Draper Expert Mini Sledge Hammer
product: 040719937

1.8kg sledge hammer forged from fine grain carbon steel with polished head. Fibreglass shaft fitted with comfortable shock-absorbing rubber grip.

£26.99ex. VAT
Image of  Spear and Jackson Rubber Maul With Shaft
product: 040711009

£33.33ex. VAT
Image of  Draper 4 Piece Demolition Kit
product: 040716121

The Draper 4 Piece Demolition Kit comprises of a sledge hammer, club hammer, bolster and wrecking bar. The sledge hammer and club hammer's striking faces are accurately ground, polished, temper

£19.98ex. VAT
Image of  3lb Mini Sledge Hammer with 16
product: 040716622

A ergonomically designed, professional grade sledge hammer with 3lb head and lightweight handle with cushion grip ideal for two handed operation. Manufactured to the highest quality, this hammer is id

Limited stock, please call 0115 956 5555 for availability.

£6.99ex. VAT
Image of  24oz Brick Hammer (Fibre Glass Handle)
product: 040710024

£18.40ex. VAT
Image of  Britool E150114B - 50mm Club Hammer
product: 040210669

Britool 50mm Club hammer, with a 50mm head and head hardness rating of 50-58 HRC. This is a strong, durable hammer, a tool you can trust. It features a ash wood handle and conical wedging. A really h

A broad range of hand tools designed and engineered for strength and durability. Ideal for all kinds of domestic, trade and agricultural construction & landscaping jobs. Most metal components are solid forged from a single piece of steel whilst...

A wide range of hammers, suitable for all users.
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