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Garden Sprayers - Handheld, Backpack, Wheeled

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£12.99ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke PHS8 8 Litre Hand Sprayer
product: 051712267

Featuring a powerful & easy to use pump handle and simple trigger control & nozzle adjustment, the PHS8 from Clarke is the ideal hand held garden sprayer for home gardeners. Lightweight and ea

£39.98ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke 20 Litre Back Pack Sprayer KSP20
product: 051712275

Huge 20 litre capacity is ideal for use at farms, garden centres, agricultural colleges & centres, large allotments and gardens. Conveniently straps to back for ease of use. Straps are adjustabl

£4.99ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke HSP2 2 Litre Hand Sprayer
product: 051710002

This 2-litre hand sprayer has a powerful pump action, and is manufactured from durable, robust materials. It is suitable for use with most garden and household chemicals, the hand sprayer is ideal f

£36.99ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke 16 Litre Back Pack Sprayer KSP16
product: 051712270

With its 16 litre capacity this sprayer is ideal for use at farms, garden centres, agricultural colleges & centres, large allotments and gardens. Conveniently straps to your back with the adjustab

£59.95ex. VAT
Image of  Draper Expert SS37L 12V ATV Spot Sprayer
product: 051714674

The Draper SS37L Expert Spot prayer has been designed to mount on any all terrain vehicle, whilst the spray pump is powered by a 12V battery or connected via electric 12V motor on the ATV. The pressur

£699.95ex. VAT
Image of  SCH Supplies 30 Litre Power Sprayer
product: 030710030

This Power Sprayer is able to be towed or pushed by hand. An ideal sprayer for any lawn or garden often used on bowls greens and other professional grass areas. The 4 nozzle boom is situated close to

£114.95ex. VAT
Image of  Chapin 62000 Tree/Turf Pro Backpack Sprayer
product: 051712006

The easy way to apply weed control, pest control and fertilisers to your lawn, plants or even trees, the versatile Tree/Turf Pro from Chapin is a must have for any professional gardener or keen home u

£81.95ex. VAT
Image of  Chapin 61800 15.1 Litre ProSeries Backpack Sprayer
product: 051711800

Designed for ease, effective distribution of weed control, pest control and fertilisers, the ProSeries 61800 backpack sprayer from Chapin is ideal for professional gardeners and keen home users. Featu

£81.95ex. VAT
Image of  Earthway 2050SU 36kg Deluxe Residential Broadcast Spreader
product: 030711028

Perfectly sized for use on medium to large lawns, the 2050SU from Earthway features a durable poly hopper with 36kg capacity, hard wearing poly wheels and an ergonomic soft grip handle, making it idea

£799.95ex. VAT
Image of  SCH PS22 Professional Power Sprayer
product: 030711022

The PS22 is a professional grade power sprayer from SCH, perfect for large scale spraying applications. Fitted with a powerful pump, producing an impressive 7 l/min flow rate, large areas can be cover

£129.95ex. VAT
Image of  Draper Expert SS60L 12V ATV Spot/Broadcast Sprayer
product: 051714676

Draper's SS60L Spot/Broadcast Sprayer has been designed to mount to any ATV and is suppliedwith two lances: one attached to tank bracket for broadcast spraying and the second with a trigger for h

£415.00ex. VAT
Image of  Earthway S25 25 Litre Spray-PRO Sprayer
product: 030711025

The S25 Sprayer from Earthway is a ground driven push unit takes all the fuss and effort out of spraying your lawns and flower beds in the spring, summer and autumn and icy paths and driveways in the

£14.50ex. VAT
Image of  Earthway 3400 Medium Capacity Hand Spreader
product: 030711070

This 1.8 litre hand spreader from Earthway is ideal for spreading seed, fertiliser, salt and grit across small areas requiring treatment quickly, easily and efficiently with minimum effort required fr

£1,799.00ex. VAT
Image of  SCH Petrol Powered Walk Behind Sprayer
product: 030710028

This walk behind power sprayer from SCH is ideal for large areas with limited access or where the terrain is unsuitable for tractors. Powered by a reliable 3.5hp Briggs and Stratton engine, this self

£83.32ex. VAT
Image of  Sherpa SXMD16E Cordless Knapsack Multi-Sprayer - 16L
product: 051710016

The 16 Litre Sherpa SXMD16E Cordless Knapsack Multi-Sprayer is lightweight and versatile. It offers the convenience of a go anywhere rechargeable carry sprayer without any need to pump the machine.

£509.00ex. VAT
Image of  Earthway C22HDS Stainless Steel 23kg Professional Push Broadcast Spreader
product: 030710019

The C22HDS from Earthway is a must have for professional gardeners and keen DIY'ers alike. Manufactured from durable stainless steel and featuring a rust proof poly tub and rugged poly wheels, the

£324.95ex. VAT
Image of  Makita BVF104Z 10 litre 18V Garden Sprayer - Bare Unit
product: 051712104

Use this garden sprayer with the 18Volt Li-Ion battery from any of your other Makita tools.

£1,550.00ex. VAT
Image of  SCH Supplies EPBS Electric Powered Sprayer
product: 030711270

This electric powered sprayer has been introduced into the SCH range of sprayers to satisfy the demand for a self propelled sprayer. The tank capacity is 70 litres (15 gallons).The liquid is dispense

£359.50ex. VAT
Image of  SCH Supplies GBS5 25 Litre Compact Power Sprayer
product: 030713005

The sprayer pump is powered by its own rechargeable dry cell battery. The battery and charger are included with this unit. The compact sprayer is mounted on a chassis having four 200mm rubber tire wh

£285.00ex. VAT
Image of  Earthway S15 22 Litre Spray-PRO Sprayer
product: 051712015

The S15 Sprayer from Earthway is a ground driven push unit. It takes all the fuss and effort out of spraying your lawns and flower beds in the spring, summer and autumn and icy paths and driveways in
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