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Building and Construction Books

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£10.62ex. VAT
£10.62 no VAT
Image of  How to Build a House
product: 110519678

Since its founding in 1976, the non-profit Habitat for Humanity International has built more than 255,000 houses for more than one million people and families in need world wide. First published in 20

£13.29ex. VAT
£13.29 no VAT
Image of  A Carpenter's Life As Told By Houses
product: 110514026

Part memoir, part cultural history, this is a book about the history of homebuilding in America over the past 100 years, told through twelve unique but modest houses that the author knows intimately.

£14.16ex. VAT
£14.16 no VAT
Image of  Build Like A Pro: Building Decks
product: 110513555

This essential reference for pros and passionate amateurs is back with a fresh design and new content. Written by respected builders from all over America, this completely revised and expanded edition

£12.04ex. VAT
£12.04 no VAT
Image of  For Pros By Pros: Graphic Guide to Frame Construction
product: 110510233

The book that builders, architects and students have relied on for almost 20 years has been completely updated to cover new materials, construction methods and the latest building code revisions. The

£12.49ex. VAT
£12.49 no VAT
Image of  The Building Work Handbook
product: 110516891

Whether a professional builder or a homeowner about to embark on building work, this handy-sized book contains everything needed to ensure the work runs smoothly. Thorough, clearly explained advice an

£10.62ex. VAT
£10.62 no VAT
Image of  Finishing a House
product: 110513937

Roe Osborn’s first book, Framing a House, tackled the complex art of house framing. Now, in this follow-up volume, he lays out all the steps and instruction required to complete the inside. The

£12.03ex. VAT
£12.03 no VAT
Image of  For Pros By Pros: Framing Floors, Walls & Ceilings
product: 110510691

This latest edition of Fine Homebuilding’s Framing Floors, Walls, and Ceilings is the biggest and most authoritative volume yet on the subject. At 288 pages with more than 400 illustrative on-th

£17.49ex. VAT
£17.49 no VAT
Image of  Concrete at Home
product: 110516820

Tint it, polish it, stamp it with patterns, imbed it with decorative inlays, mould it into virtually any shape you can imagine, concrete offers what is so often missing in contemporary homes: timeless

£18.33ex. VAT
£18.33 no VAT
Image of  Concrete Countertops
product: 110514840

Californian architect Fu-Tung Chenghas became internationally renowned for his custom-formed concrete designs finished to resemble marble, glass, or granite. This book illustrates every step of the p

£17.71ex. VAT
£17.71 no VAT
Image of  Building Green
product: 110515349

The best-selling and highly regarded reference to sustainable construction gets an update! It’s refreshed with a completely revised introduction, a bright new cover and extensive online resource

£12.03ex. VAT
£12.03 no VAT
Image of  Build Like a Pro: Patios & Walkways
product: 110510752

Homeowners are spending more time and money than ever creating and sprucing up living spaces outside the house. Now that DIYers have greater access to the tools, techniques and materials required to b

£12.74ex. VAT
£12.74 no VAT
Image of  The Cabin
product: 110516448

In this one-of-a-kind book, you'll discover an amazing array of design styles and materials -- from sticks and stones to sheet metal and glass. You'll find 37 inspirational cabins from all ove

£10.83ex. VAT
£10.83 no VAT
Image of  For Pros By Pros: Framing Roofs, Revised and Updated
product: 110510684

This essential reference for pros and passionate amateurs is back with a fresh design and updated content. Written by respected builders from all over America, this extensive revision collects all the

£12.03ex. VAT
£12.03 no VAT
Image of  Framing a House
product: 110511018

House framing can be an intimidating challenge. Thousands of pieces of wood must be cut to precise dimensions, according to a set of plans. Accurate and safe assembly is critical as the house must sup

£11.63ex. VAT
£11.63 no VAT
Image of  Carpentry Complete
product: 110511469

The nuts and bolts of carpentry, all in one handy volume. Carpenter and author Andy Engel provides homeowners with a comprehensive and easy-to-use reference covering all home carpentry projects from t

£12.49ex. VAT
£12.49 no VAT
Image of  For Pros By Pros: Tiling
product: 110513371

Relatively affordable as DIY projects go, tiling is also one of the most popular among homeowners. New tile can cover a multitude of sins and transform a space, from tiny entry to spacious kitchen, in

£12.74ex. VAT
£12.74 no VAT
Image of  Convert Your Home to Solar Energy
product: 110512527

This definitive homeowner’s guide to solar energy has arrived at just the right time. With the cost of heating oil and electricity fluctuating wildly, consumers are clamouring for information on

£10.83ex. VAT
£10.83 no VAT
Image of  Working with Concrete
product: 110516141

In Working with Concrete, veteran builder Rick Arnold explains everything from mix characteristics and formwork options to waterproofing details and repair procedures. You'll benefit from Arnold&#

£12.03ex. VAT
£12.03 no VAT
Image of  The New Wood Finishing Book
product: 110512990

Anyone who finishes wood should own this completely revised version of the highly acclaimed The Woodfinishing Book. Michael Dresdner successfully demystifies the art and science of finishing with cl

£10.62ex. VAT
£10.62 no VAT
Image of  For Pros By Pros: Roofing, Flashing & Waterproofing
product: 110517780

This collection of 18 articles explains the tools, techniques and trade secrets used by the experts to successfully complete flashing, roofing and waterproofing projects and ensure the job is correct
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