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Automotive/Industrial MIG Welders

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£519.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke MIG195TEC 185A Welder
product: 010111195

Featuring excellent build quality, consistent performance, and unbeatable value for money, the MIG 195TEC is a popular machine.

£449.98ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke 205TE (Turbo) MIG Welder
product: 010110205

Able to achieve the same top class results as the 195TE and 230TE, a lower duty cycle enables this fully featured 185Amp MIG205TE MIG welder to be offered at an incredibly low price. Download Produc

£619.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke 220TE (Turbo) MIG Welder
product: 010115220

For professional automotive and general engineering use, the MIG220TE is a fully specified intermediate level commercial MIG welder that offers reliable performance at a very competitive price.

Limited stock, please call 0115 956 5555 for availability.

£539.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke MIG230TEC Welder
product: 010111230

The MIG 230TEC is a self contained well specified mobile MIG Welder for general repairs and fabrication in automotive workshops and factories.

£819.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke MIG255TEC 250A MIG Welder
product: 010111255

With its combined power and extended duty cycle, the MIG255TEC is a fully specified MIG welder that will cope well in an industrial environment. An excellent choice for a busy autobody repair shop.

£679.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke 270TE (Turbo) MIG Welder
product: 010110270

The MIG270TE is a powerful 3-phase, 260Amp MIG welder that delivers versatile performance with consistently good welds. Designed to meet the regular demands of industrial and automotive users alike.

£339.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke 165TEM (Turbo) Mig Welder
product: 010111165

A real value for money, the MIG165TEM is a user friendly Metal Inert Gas welder, designed primarily for the home or semi professional user for innumerable mild steel, stainless steel ans aluminium wel

£409.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke MIG175TECM (Turbo) MIG Welder
product: 010112175

A powerful & up-to-date 170amp Metal Inert Gas welder for fabricating heavier, thicker mild steel structures, car chassis and, thanks to the multiple power settings and a minimum welding ampage of

£289.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke MIG160TM MIG Welder
product: 010111160

Clarke's easy-to-set-up MIG160TM MIG welder is a fantastic choice of welder for serious DIY enthusiasts or semi-professional operators. It's even substantial enough for light commercial use t

Heavier duty, automotive, commercial and industrial use MIG welders designed for day to day use in automotive garages, car body shops, factories, farms and so forth. Built to be simple to operate and user friendly but technologically up-to-date...
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