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£9.96ex. VAT
£9.96 no VAT
Image of  Animal Puzzles for the Scroll Saw
product: 110513911

Animal Puzzles for the Scroll Saw - Second Edition is a newly expanded version of the wildly popular pattern book that scroll saw artists have come to love! With over 50 patterns for upright standing

£13.29ex. VAT
£13.29 no VAT
Image of  Contemporary Woodturning
product: 110518734

Contemporary Woodturning is a clearly illustrated practical guide to woodturning aimed at woodworkers at all skill levels. This book will guide you through the various health and safety issues, the to

£12.03ex. VAT
£12.03 no VAT
Image of  Carving Classical Styles in Wood
product: 110513630

This book explains the principles of classical ornamentation and how the motifs evolved through the Greek, Roman, Romanesque, Renaissance and Neoclassical periods. Carving techniques are described an

£9.58ex. VAT
£9.58 no VAT
Image of  The Weekend Crafter: Woodcarving
product: 110512483

From a review of tools and techniques to advice on sanding and finishing to an array of quick and wonderful projects, this guide has it all. Beginners will learn how to transform a piece of wood usin

£11.63ex. VAT
£11.63 no VAT
Image of  Art of the Chicken Coop
product: 110515427

Keeping chickens is a trend that just keeps on growing, even for city dwellers. With this book, today’s modern farmer will find plans and construction techniques for making seven different chick

£8.33ex. VAT
£8.33 no VAT
Image of  The Missing Shop Manual: Lathe
product: 110514703

In addition to explaining the basics of safety and set-up, this handy reference will help woodworkers get the most for their money by getting the most from their equipment. From sharpening tools to fa

£12.03ex. VAT
£12.03 no VAT
Image of  Woodturning
product: 110511148

A book for the serious woodturner, which concentrates on the quality of turning designs whilst retaining the element of sheer enjoyment that is at the heart of the craft. Lavishly illustrated with f

£13.29ex. VAT
£13.29 no VAT
Image of  Carving Architectural Detail in Wood - Reissue
product: 110511582

This is probably the first detailed guide to one of the most important of traditional woodcarving skills, now reissued. Wilbur takes the reader, step-by-step, from the basic building blocks of classic

£11.63ex. VAT
£11.63 no VAT
Image of  Simply Wood
product: 110514406

For those who consider the scroll saw a tool limited to cutting your grandpa’s average Christmas ornament or puzzle, think again. This sometimes overlooked tool can produce amazing artwork and t

£9.96ex. VAT
£9.96 no VAT
Image of  Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Books: Zodiac Puzzles for Scroll Saw Woodworking
product: 110513935

Zodiac Puzzles for the Scroll Saw provides crafters and scrollers with inspiration from the stars with an exciting new collection of wooden puzzle patterns based on the astrological signs of the Weste

£8.33ex. VAT
£8.33 no VAT
Image of  The Complete Guide To Chip Carving
product: 110511289

A beginner’s guide from the world’s most renowned chip carver! Wayne Barton—author of Chip Carving and Art of Chip Carving—presents what is unquestionably the finest guidance e

£12.03ex. VAT
£12.03 no VAT
Image of  Carving Nature
product: 110511568

Nature and wildlife subjects are perennially popular with woodcarvers and this delightful book presents a total of 17 projects, all suitable for those with a little experience. Frank Fox-Wilson also g

£8.99ex. VAT
£8.99 no VAT
Image of  A Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Book:  Intarsia Woodworking Projects
product: 110513393

Intarsia enthusiasts can get right to work with this array of more than 25 full-size patterns suitable for a wide range of skill levels. The book displays an artistic style of woodworking that focuses

£13.29ex. VAT
£13.29 no VAT
Image of  Woodturning Design
product: 110518659

In this inspiring book, Derek Hayes investigates the process and practice of design in woodturning. Design is rarely a priority for the beginner woodturner and most turners in their early work begin b

£10.79ex. VAT
£10.79 no VAT
Image of  The Complete Book Of Wood Carving
product: 110512921

Whether you’re a woodworker expanding your talents, a seasoned carver refining your skills, or a beginner newly introduced to this fulfilling craft, this is the only carving book you need. Brimm

£12.74ex. VAT
£12.74 no VAT
Image of  Fundamentals of Woodturning
product: 110513553

Guiding novice and experienced woodworkers alike, this ultimate guide to the fine art of using the lathe to shape wood includes exercises and projects to develop the skills needed to maximise the fun

£12.03ex. VAT
£12.03 no VAT
Image of  Decorative Woodcarving
product: 110515214

This fascinating book offers a wealth of ideas and advice on designing and making woodcarvings for the home. A broad range of projects provide ideas for everyone from the beginner to the more experien

£11.63ex. VAT
£11.63 no VAT
Image of  Turning Wood with Richard Raffan
product: 110519562

The appeal of woodturning is simple: with only a few hand tools and a lathe, remarkable results can be quickly achieved, including beautiful bowls, boxes in the round, lamp bases, and furniture parts.

£15.79ex. VAT
£15.79 no VAT
Image of  Blanket Chests
product: 110512992

These elegant designs, from some of the world’s finest craftsmen, range from traditional to contemporary and offer inspiration for workers of all skill levels. No project has more universal appe

£12.03ex. VAT
£12.03 no VAT
Image of  Turning Projects
product: 110511381

Twenty--three intriguing projects are presented in this book including rolling pins and mallets, hollow vessels, scoops and ladles, even a turned hedgehog. The projects range from simple to complex, w
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