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Welding Equipment: Mig Welders, Arc Welders, Soldering Irons and Plasma Cutters  

We have a number of welders available in stock capable of completing any welding duty you may have to undertake. Whether you weld for a hobby or as part of your job – we stock a variety of welders, purpose built for industrial, fabrication work and automotive use. Plasma cutters are available and welding equipment accessories such as safety clothing, gas rods and regulators.

Our welders are versatile and user friendly enough for D.I.Y novices, casual mechanics and tradesmen to use at home workshops or onsite to take care of everything to small repairs and general fabrication. The durability and efficiency that the welders possess make it one of our best sellers. For a vast array of top quality welders at affordable, competitive prices you need not look any further than our range as we stock all professional name brand welding equipment.

As well as Mig welders and welding equipment, we also stock a large range of welding accessories and consumables, including safety clothing, welding wire for mig and other welders, gas, rods, regulators etc. We offer equipment from one of the top brands in the industry - see our range of Clarke MIG welders.

Popular Mig Welders

Clarke MIG Welder 135TE (Turbo)
Clarke MIG Welder (Turbo) - 151TE
Clarke MIG 90EN 'No-Gas' MIG Welder
Clarke MIG100EN Turbo 'No-Gas' MIG Welder
Clarke MIG151EN Turbo 'No-Gas' MIG Welder


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