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Non Sparking Tools

A range of quality tools from Facom, manufactured from Beryllium Copper because it is non-sparking but physically tough, nonmagnetic and highly corrosion resistant, it is used to make tools which can safely be used in environments where there are explosive vapors and gases. Beryllium copper fulfills the demands of ATEX directive for use in Zone 0, 1, and 2.

These tools are suitable for use in a wide variety of industries such as - Mining, Petrol and gas extraction (off-shore and on-shore),Refineries, Petrochemicals, Pipeline maintenance, Energy production and transport (gas, electricity, etc.), Naval shipyards, Aeronautical transport, Airports, Paint manufacture, Manufacture of explosives & flammable products, Arsenals, munitions and explosive products storage, Applications requiring demagnetised tools (metal shavings, etc.), Farming - Grain silos

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