How we've helped essential services

Recent Sales: 18th May 2020

Sales to the NHS 

Machine Mart Cardiff saved the day for University Hospital of Wales. They needed two 220 metre hanks of rope to pull oxygen pipes to the 10th floor of their building. The customer had tried several other suppliers that could not help and they said that Machine Mart had not only saved the day but probably a lot of lives. 

In Twickenham, Machine Mart provided a water pump to the NHS to help them fix a flooded operating theatre. 

Clarke Garages continue to be used to set up COVID-19 testing stations. This week, Machine Mart in Bolton sold one to a company who were setting up such a facility nearby. 

A tool hire company, currently dealing with the NHS, bought over £1500 worth of Bosch power tools from Machine Mart in Nottingham.

Sales to the Construction Industry

A building contractor in Luton needed to clear a site so they could get back to work. They visited their local Machine Mart branch and bought a Belle Mini Dumper which was perfect for their requirements. 

Machine Mart Chester sold a petrol mixer and a radio to a builder returning to work for the first time in weeks. 

JCB were looking to put in social distancing measures for their teams returning to work. They visited Machine Mart Burton and purchased 40 rolls of hazard tape so they could do so. The team at Burton also sold a Belle Mixer to a builder returning to work. 

A construction company in Liverpool purchased 2 thermometers from Machine Mart to allow them to measure the temperatures of their workers on arrival each morning.

A customer visited the Machine Mart Norwich store looking for a couple of items to help him set up his new engineering firm. He left very satisfied and with a variety of goods worth over £2700! 

Sales to Farming

Machine Mart Coventry were able to supply two separate farming businesses with power washers that they both needed urgently.

A builder helping to construct piggeries bought a quantity of gloves from the Machine Mart branch in Grimsby.

Machine Mart Grimsby also supplied a 1 inch impact wrench and a multi-meter to an agricultural company so they could repair farm machinery.

Safety shoes and hand tools were sold to a potato picking company near Lincoln as they looked to increase their staff due to the high demand.

The Machine Mart team in Hull provided an impact drill to a dairy farmer whilst at Machine Mart Barnsley, they sold a petrol pressure washer to another farmer. 

Sales to Garages

The Machine Mart branch in Coventry provided a 7.5HP motor for a compressor to keep a tyre bay running due to a high demand for tyres.

A garage in Hull visited their local Machine Mart store to source some spark plug sockets. 

Machine Mart Doncaster provided their local council fleet support services with jump starts to keep their vehicles on the road. 

Compressors, an engine crane and various hand tools were among the products sold by Machine Mart Twickenham to construction and garage businesses. 

More Sales to Key Areas

  • Machine Mart Hull sold pressure washers to a new homes contractor and a maritime chandlers.
  • Both Hull and the Machine Mart Cardiff store provided local funeral directors with equipment they needed.
  • The team in Doncaster supplied an EU22 Generator plus some pumps to a drainpipe lining company.
  • A local pharmacy purchased 6 disposable coveralls from Machine Mart Deal.
  • Humberside Police purchased some ladders from the Hull store whilst an aircon company also visited Machine Mart to buy a nut riveter.
  • Machine Mart Leyton supplied several pairs of safety boots to different people getting ready to start or restart work.
  • More sales from Machine Mart Hull included a CAT140 shear to some local fishermen, a Plasma King 30Si to a local waste company and cutting discs to a locksmith. 
  • Severn Trent Water purchased a HSE301A Pump with fittings and hose from Machine Mart Coventry.
  • A skip hire company in Leyton used their local Machine Mart to buy over £800 worth of goods that allowed them to get their fleet up and running again.
  • A market trader purchased a Hyundai Generator from Machine Mart Edmonton to allow him to power his stall. 


Recent Sales: 4th May 2020

Sales to the NHS

In Glasgow, a mechanic who was working on repairing and maintaining NHS vehicles purchased a jump start.

A contractor in Southend who had been doing repairs at several NHS hospitals around the country needed a chain block. He required it to help him move some equipment. Thurrock University Hospital also purchased a bench vice from the same branch.

Laundry Tec bought a SHH50/9 Compressor and accessories from Machine Mart Liverpool. The company recently worked on fitting out a Nightingale hospital.

Machine Mart also helped to make sure the care workers of Nottinghamshire had all they needed to do their jobs. An NHS worker thanked the staff in Mansfield for being open, allowing them to purchase a head shield. Meanwhile the Nottingham branch sold a Saker folding bike to a critical care nurse, allowing her to get to work.

An NHS Garage Depot in Wolverhampton were able to source some much-needed safety boots from a nearby Machine Mart store.

The estate management department at a local hospital visited the Machine Mart store in Nottingham and left with £500 worth of power tools.

A nurse in Edmonton was on the look-out for a new trimmer to use in a well-earned break from the current situation. She visited her local Machine Mart and left with an Einhell product ready to maintain her garden.

A Harry Hot Wash and pumps were supplied to a construction business working on Luton & Dunstable Hospital whilst tarpaulins, rope and a pallet truck were supplied to Moseley Hospital by Machine Mart Hay Mills.

In Altrincham, a Clarke PLS195A pressure washer was purchased to help someone finish a job at the Nightingale Hospital in Manchester.

Machine Mart in Doncaster sold a compressor and some equipment to a NHS engineer whilst the Hull store provided a Makita power drill to a healthcare provider.

Sales to Garages

It was a busy week at Machine Mart Hull as they sold a range of tools and equipment to several different garages. They provided an angle grinder to a tyre fitting company as well as a battery charger and transmission jack to some local garages. More tools and machinery were then sold to a garage that was working to keep community vehicles going. A local tyre company bought a jump start from the same store and a nearby garage purchased a blast cabinet. 

A recovery business made a visit to our Glasgow store looking for some vital equipment and they got what they came for, leaving with some Clarke 10 Tonne Axle Stands.

Leyton came to the rescue of a local garage, providing them with a Clarke CSA10BB 10 Tonne Hydraulic Bench Press.

Sales to the Food Manufacturers

Machine Mart's Glasgow store came to the rescue of differing parts of the food manufacturing industry. A bakery who had seen a recent increase in population purchased some tools whilst a pressure washer was also sold to a company that clean Tesco lorries, helping them to cope with the increased demand during the current situation.

 In Lincoln, Branston Potatoes had seen a big influx of new staff and therefore needed a range of items to support them including adaptors, gas and gloves. These were all purchased from their nearest Machine Mart store. 

Elsewhere, in a somewhat unique example of how people have been relying on Machine Mart during the Lockdown, the team in Barnsley sold a Clarke IG2200 Generator to a customer who lives on a house boat and who would have been without power had we not been open.

More Sales to Key Areas

  • Machine Mart Hull sold pliers, a digital torque wrench and a blow torch to a wind turbine company.
  • A factory that needed equipment repairing in order to resume production purchased a MIG151EN from the Coventry branch. 
  • The Twickenham branch sold tools and a jump start to Guildford Borough Council.
  • Machine Mart in Doncaster supplied assorted tools and 110V equipment to DKS Utilities.
  • A forestry company purchased hi-vis companies from the Lincoln store.
  • A heating manufacturer in Wigan used Machine Mart to purchase a CBS 7 Metal Band Saw.
  • The team Glasgow sold two Draper axle stands, a reciprocating saw and blades plus other tools and equipment to a customer wanting to repair their wheelchair.
  • Schools in Hull used Machine Mart to buy a power washer and compressor.
  • Ethical Power visited Machine Mart to purchase a generator, helping to keep the South West powered.
  • A funeral director in Sheffield purchased some machinery they needed from the Sheffield store.
  • The Twickenham team provided tools and equipment to a recycling company.
  • A McCulloch trimmer and accessories were supplied to a caretaker to maintain school grounds in Lincoln.
  • Steps to a tanker company and hand tools to a team of ship repairers were further sales made by Machine Mart in Hull. 


Recent Sales: 27th April 2020

Sales to the NHS & Health Sector

  • Two Clarke Megaphones were sold to an NHS Testing Centre in Inverness to assist with the traffic flow. 
  • A compressor regulator was provided to a contractor working on an NHS property.
  • Several Harry Hot Wash units were sold to the NHS, both in Wolverhampton and Nottingham. A company that transports human organs for transplant also purchased a Harry Hot Wash. 
  • PPE, including disposable overalls, were purchased by the NHS in Shrewsbury. 
  • Our Derby store provided a pallet truck to a local NHS organisation. 
  • Gardening equipment was sold to Sheffield's Children Hospital. 
  • A company in Norwich, producing hand sanitizer bottles for surgeries and local hospitals, purchased a Bosch drill, drill stand and a 27mm socket to help them tight the lids onto the bottles. 
  • In Nottingham, jump-starters and a device to inflate tyres were both supplied to the NHS for care worker vehicles. 
  • It was a busy week for our Croydon store as they sold garage equipment to a business that maintains essential vehicles whilst also providing steel shelving for a hospital. 
  • BioCity in Burton purchased some lighting from us to put inside a pop up tent to aid them with cleaning ambulances. According to the scientist who purchased the equipment, there is some, yet unproven, thought that LED light helps to kill the virus. 
  • An E-Cigarette Liquid manufacturer, who are now making hand gel instead, purchased a compressor and some accessories from our Warrington branch.

Sales to the Food & Agriculture Sector

  • A compressor and a sand blasting kit were sold to a food company so they could clean a warehouse in which they will be storing produce.
  • Safety shoes were sold to vegetable pickers in Lincoln. 
  • A Karcher Xpert Pressure Washer was sold to a farmer in Cheltenham so he could keep his machinery clean. 
  • Elsewhere, in Hull, welding accessories were supplied to a food factory.

More Sales to Key Areas

  • Pumps supplied to a care home in Dundee as well as Anglian Water in Peterborough.
  • A compressor sold to a mobile car repair business in Lincoln.
  • A fencing business in Sheffield purchased a large compressor.
  • Doncaster Council bought some power tools from our store.
  • Power Washers were sold in Lincoln to a company wanting to cleaning electrical workshops. 
  • A gardening business in Leyton bought a Clarke Petrol Power Washer.
  • Multi-meters and Jump Starts were both bought by a garage in Hull.
  • The RAF placed a huge order at our Colchester store, purchasing over £2K worth of power tools.
  • Our Hull store sold a riveter to the Environment Agency as well as 3 gazebos, 2 sides and 5 tables to Network Rail.
  • Machine Mart Altrincham provided local builders with much-needed power tools. 
  • In Nottingham, we sold hand tools and a water pump to a utilities company and then provided the Royal Mail with a welder for building maintenance. 


Recent Sales: 13th April 2020

Sales to the NHS & Health Sector

  • Our Middlesbrough store sold safety spectacles to local NHS Workers.
  • In Norwich, PPE was sold to contractors who were erecting temporary buildings for the NHS. We also supported the building of temporary NHS buildings in Manchester where we supplied tools and equipment to some more contractors.
  • NHS workers in Colchester purchased PPE from our Colchester store.
  • Our Nottingham store provided tarpaulins to a local GP surgery who was using them to create a Coronavirus triage centre. 
  • More of our Clarke garages were sold by our Dundee store to the Tayside NHS in order to create assessment centres (See below). 
  • A Clarke garage was also sold to Liverpool Royal Infirmary who wanted it for a COVID-19 testing station.
  • In Edmonton, a private company purchased a compressor and other equipment essential for sterilising NHS equipment.
  • Finally, various tools and machinery were sold in the North East to the Air Ambulance service. 

More sales to key areas

  • Much-needed pumps were sold to Anglian Water in Cambridge.
  • Various pumps sold by Lincoln to support a flooded construction site, a Doctor's surgery and a sewage company.
  • A range of air compressors to garages, tyre fitters and breakdown services in Preston, Doncaster and Lincoln respectively.
  • More equipment to support funeral directors.
  • A 200 litre compressor sold to a food processing business in Sidcup.
  • Our Sidcup branch also provided their local council with bike chains in order for them to lock their public parks to try and ensure people stay at home! 
  • We provided generators, welders and power tools to companies near our Hay Mills store so they could continue servicing haulage vehicles.
  • There was also the sale of tools and equipment, including a site box and generator, to a business that deals with water and drainage emergencies.


Drive Through Testing Bays

For more information on Dundee Drive-through assessment hubs see


Recent Sales: 6th April 

Sales to the NHS & Health Sector

  • In Peterborough, our store supplied hand tools to a business that helped to maintain NHS Ambulances.
  • Similarly, our Portsmouth branch sold welding equipment to a company who maintained the local NHS fleet.
  • Elsewhere, our Catford store provided the NHS with some crucial respirators.
  • Our Doncaster store received an enquiry from a local hospital looking to purchase a hot pressure washer.
  • The NHS also obtained 30 boxes of latex gloves for their volunteers from Machine Mart Burton.
  • Two sheet metal benders were sold through our Telesales department so a Manchester hospital could manufacture their own face visors. Our telesales department also provided a doctor's surgery in Swansea with a pop up garage so they could have an outdoor Coronavirus testing area. 
  • Our Openshaw Branch sold DeWalt and Makita power tools and accessories to a company that are assembling beds to be used at the new NHS hospital being set up in the GMX Centre in Manchester.
  • Machine Mart Sidcup supplied a trolley jack to a mobile mechanic who was working on ambulances and a water pump to a maintenance company who were doing repairs in a care home
  • Medisec, a secretarial service for the medical sector who also provide ambulances, came into our Southampton store and left with a compressor, some spray guns and a back up steamer to help them keep everything running efficiently. 
  • Elsewhere, Machine Mart Carlisle store provided face visors to be used in a hospital for people using nebulisers. The visors they had in the hospital were closed at the bottom and open at the top for use in theatre but this caused problems when using the nebulisers as the droplets fall down.

More Sales to Key Areas

  • Numerous boxes of gloves, as well as a PG6500 Generator, were purchased by a dentist from our store in Lincoln.
  • Machine Mart Edinburgh came to the aid of a food distributor, supplying them with the back pack sprayers they needed for disinfecting.
  • In Catford, a Hyundai DHY6000SE Generator was sold via Mail Order to the fire service.
  • Several sales were made across to country to support undertakers and funeral directors during this difficult time. 
  • Customers from throughout the essential services obtained coveralls and gloves from our Lincoln branch. Gloves were also supplied to a customer from our team in Colchester.
  • Our Lincoln store came to the aid of a disabled customer who purchased a generator for emergency power to charge their wheel chair.
  • The team in Sheffield made two essential sales, they supplied a farmer with a pump because his water feed to his cattle had broken down. They also provided a care home with a YDE20 dehumidifier.
  • Bristol & Avon Fire Service purchased an MM Xtra pump and a CCTV set up.
  • Machine Mart Norwich provided SV2 Masks to a company that are helping to build temporary buildings at local hospitals.
  • Our Mansfield store sold a CIG81020 Garage and a Henry Hoover to a business that was creating a medical testing tent for a local Amazon warehouse.