Bicycle Tools & Accessories

Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Hybrids

New from Machine Mart, our range of high performance men’s and women’s bicycles.  For commuting and leisure use we stock a range of road bikes and hybrid bikes. Cycling to work is a great way to both save money and improve fitness. With the cost of both fuel and public transport always increasing, more and more people are choosing to travel by bike.

We also provide a range of mountain bikes, suitable for both casual use and off-road cycling. Our portable folding bicycles can be easily carried in the boot of a car, or taken on busses or trains; they can also be easily stored in the home or workplace; which reduces the chances of theft.

To help you stay safe, and keep your bike maintained, we provide a range of cycling tools and accessories.  You can buy online now, order by phone, or visit any of our superstores across the country.