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Wire Brushes

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£8.16ex. VAT
Image of  Power-Tec - Stainless Steel Wire Brush
product: 040219667

A durable steel wire brush, manufactured to effectively clean and prepare sheets of alumimium, producing a smooth and brilliant looking finish.

£6.99ex. VAT
Image of  Extra large 3 Row Brass Wire Brush With Scraper
product: 040215034

Brass wire brush with 3 x 19 rows of bristles and integral steel scraper and extra long soft grip ergonomic handle.

Coming soon.

£5.99ex. VAT
Image of  3 Piece Soft Grip Mini Wire Brush Set
product: 040212005

A set of three mini wire brushes suitable for various applications. The set includes a brass wire brush, stainless steel wire brush and nylon wire brush and all are suitable for various cleaning jobs.

£4.99ex. VAT
Image of  Spid Long Reach Wire Brush
product: 040210718

Tough & durable wire spid brush, ideal for various cleaning applications.

£1.99ex. VAT
Image of  CHT552 - 5 Row Wire Brush & Scraper
product: 040231552

Limited stock, please call 0115 956 5555 for availability.

£3.99ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke CHT561 - 3pce Wire Brush Set
product: 060530561

2 good quality wire brushes, made with hardened brass steel wire bristles. This set contains two rotary brushes for use with electric rotary drills. The pack also includes 1 hand held general purpose

£0.99ex. VAT
Image of  CHT553 - 2 Row Spark Plug Brush
product: 040231553

Limited stock, please call 0115 956 5555 for availability.

£1.79ex. VAT
Image of  Wire Brush with plastic handle
product: 060531149

£1.99ex. VAT
Image of  CHT551 - 4 Row Wire Brush
product: 040231551

£19.98ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke CHT688 38pc Wire Brush Set
product: 040211688

Industrial quality wire brush set for the removal of corrosion, dirt and debris on machining, auto repair etc. Can be used manually or fitted to a drill.

£6.99ex. VAT
Image of  Spid Curved Brush (Blue)
product: 040210719

This spid brush is perfect for various applications including masonry, metalwork and decorating. It features brass coated, hardened steel bristles and an ergonomic plastic handle for great performance

£28.95ex. VAT
Image of  Laser 4710 20 Piece Wire Brush Set
product: 040219710

A comprehensive wire brush set suitable for numerous uses including removing carbon cleaning from internal threads or pipes and cleaning drilled holes.

£12.99ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke CHT741 20 Piece Wire Brush Set
product: 040212741

A high quality 20 piece wire brush set from Clarke with many possible uses including clearing debris from drilled holes and burrs from pipes. The brushes can be used either with the enclosed handle or

Crimped wire cleaning brushes for removing paint, burrs, rust etc. Choice of M10 or M14 thread fittings for use with angle grinders.

Wire cup brushes with 6mm spindles for a range of cleaning and burninshing tasks. For use with mains powered and cordless drills.

6mm spindled wire brushes for a range of cleaning and burnishing tasks. Use with mains powered drills.

Crimped cup wire brushes, for use with random orbital sanders, sander / polishers and 9" angle grinders. Uses include rust and paint removal, cleaning and surface preparation, and removing burrs and sharp edges.

A comprehensive range of hand held wire brushes for cleaning, removing burrs, paint etc and de-rusting.

Top quality 6mm spindled high speed wire brushes are ideal for burnishing, de-carbonising & cleaning. Use with mains powered, cordless and air powered drills.

A range of quality twist knot wire brushes for use with 4" & 4½" angle grinders. These brushes, with M14 (female) threaded fittings, are made with hardened steel wire for de-scaling, de-burring & welding seam preparation jobs.
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