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£24.96ex. VAT
£24.96 no VAT
Image of  Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Sharpening
product: 110516578

Illustrated throughout with hundreds of detailed colour photographs, this resource for professionals and do-it-yourselfers describes the techniques used in sharpening common woodworking tools. Toolmak

£8.29ex. VAT
£8.29 no VAT
Image of  Great Workshops From Fine Woodworking
product: 110519494

For over 30 years, woodworkers have turned to Fine Woodworking magazine for advice about setting up a small woodworking shop and this book collects the best workshop articles from the last 15 years. T

£9.96ex. VAT
£9.96 no VAT
Image of  The New Best of Fine Woodworking: Workstations and Tool Storage
product: 110517858

This book shows how to set up task-specific work areas, innovative ways of storing tools and accessories and how to build classic workbenches and toolboxes. The 26 articles will inspire and instruct

£11.63ex. VAT
£11.63 no VAT
Image of  Back To Basics: Fundamentals of Sharpening
product: 110514963

Sharpening woodworking tools is a task many put off until it is necessary. This book teaches how to embrace the fun and essence of sharpening tools, and why regular attention to sharpening can increas

£11.63ex. VAT
£11.63 no VAT
Image of  Boat Maintenance
product: 110515496

With this book, learn how to properly maintain a boat for years of trouble free, smooth sailing. From repairing scratched and worn hulls and decks, to fixing engines and tightening fittings, readers w

£13.75ex. VAT
£13.75 no VAT
Image of  Homeowner's Complete Guide to the Chainsaw
product: 110513560

Taking the fear out of chainsaws by emphasising safe handling practices, this resource aims to put raw power in the hands of its readers. With step-by-step colour photographs throughout, 12 of the mos

£9.96ex. VAT
£9.96 no VAT
Image of  Workshop Idea Book
product: 110518756

A woodworking shop is always a "work-in-progress", often rearranged dozens of times to make improvements or to accommodate specific tasks. Woodworkers are always looking for ways to make the

£10.21ex. VAT
£10.21 no VAT
Image of  The New Router Handbook
product: 110515181

"A massive book which offers the most detailed information ever on most models on the market, plus a brilliant array of how-to-use instructions and unusual jigs and aids. Truly a lifetime of inf

£11.25ex. VAT
£11.25 no VAT
Image of  Eroc Graves' Success With Bandsaws
product: 110514736

The compact and versatile band saw is one of the most ubiquitous workshop machines – in a small shop it may well be the only machine. Its ability to cut both straight lines and curves makes it i

£6.66ex. VAT
£6.66 no VAT
Image of  The Missing Shop Manual: Drills and Drill Presses
product: 110514727

In addition to explaining the basics of safety and set-up, this handy reference helps woodworkers get the most for their money by getting the most from their equipment. From basic holes and driving sc

£10.59ex. VAT
£10.59 no VAT
Image of  Success with Routing
product: 110514903

Whether you are interested in bench woodworking and are thinking of buying a router, or simply want to get the most from an existing machine, Success with Routing is ideal for woodworkers of all abili

£11.04ex. VAT
£11.04 no VAT
Image of  Smart Workshop Solutions
product: 110515786

Professional woodworker Paul Anthony has gathered the best examples of workshop accessories, shop aids, and storage solutions and provides plans and instructions for building them. A perennial woodwo

£14.13ex. VAT
£14.13 no VAT
Image of  Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Routers
product: 110517667

Expand your skills through understanding of the router, which is one of the most versatile tools you can own. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Routers offers more than 800 photos and drawings which s

£5.79ex. VAT
£5.79 no VAT
Image of  Scroll Saw For The First Time
product: 110511837

The hugely successful For the First Time series of beginners' guides ventures into woodworking, and that's good news for those who want to try one of today's hottest crafts. With this cove

£10.62ex. VAT
£10.62 no VAT
Image of  For Pros By Pros: Roofing, Flashing & Waterproofing
product: 110517780

This collection of 18 articles explains the tools, techniques and trade secrets used by the experts to successfully complete flashing, roofing and waterproofing projects and ensure the job is correct

£9.96ex. VAT
£9.96 no VAT
Image of  Router: A Craftsman's Guide
product: 110512928

This book and the accompanying DVD will show you, the craftsman or budding craftsman, that a router is the most versatile woodworking power tool in the shop. You will see how some of the fundamental t

£10.62ex. VAT
£10.62 no VAT
Image of  Decorating Ideas That Work
product: 110519500

Many homeowners look at decorating as do-it-yourself proposition. Others seek out the advice of an expert. Decorating Ideas that Work covers both bases completely. Bursting with over 500 photographs a

£12.03ex. VAT
£12.03 no VAT
Image of  Routing for Beginners (Revised and Expanded Edition)
product: 110513180

This book builds on basic information for beginners and amateurs and features new routers, a wealth of accessories and recent cutter types. Expert advice is given with in-depth technical chapters on

£11.46ex. VAT
£11.46 no VAT
Image of  American Woodworker: Tool Smarts - Workshop Dust Control
product: 110514611

Research tells us that prolonged exposure to fine wood dust can pose a variety of health risks for woodworkers, from pesky allergies to serious nasal and lung cancers. Add the risk of workshop fires c

£10.79ex. VAT
£10.79 no VAT
Image of  Success with Biscuit Joiners
product: 110514316

Success with Biscuit Joiners will help woodworkers of all levels of skill and experience to get the most from their joiner and its associated products. The first part reviews the tool itself – d
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