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£12.74ex. VAT
£12.74 no VAT
Image of  Convert Your Home to Solar Energy
product: 110512527

This definitive homeowner’s guide to solar energy has arrived at just the right time. With the cost of heating oil and electricity fluctuating wildly, consumers are clamouring for information on

£10.83ex. VAT
£10.83 no VAT
Image of  Do It: Home Wiring
product: 110516273

Home improvers and DIYers can expand their horizons with this authoritative guide to domestic electrical installation, fittings & equipment. The modern home is more machine than building, with com

£11.63ex. VAT
£11.63 no VAT
Image of  All New Built-Ins Idea Book
product: 110513883

Organization and decluttering are always on homeowners’ minds, whether designing their dream home or reconfiguring the one they have. The latest in the popular IDEA BOOK series, the completely r

£9.74ex. VAT
£9.74 no VAT
Image of  Woodworkers Essentials & More: Essential Guide to the Steel Square
product: 110513423

Now, any carpenter, woodworker, or serious do-it-yourselfer can discover how invaluable the simple steel square can be in building stairs, roofs, rafters and practically everything else. With clear il

£12.71ex. VAT
£12.71 no VAT
Image of  Practical Furniture Design
product: 110510783

The experts at Fine Woodworking believe that good furniture design goes hand in hand with good furniture construction. Practical Furniture Design provides woodworkers with the advice they need to desi

£10.62ex. VAT
£10.62 no VAT
Image of  For Pros By Pros: Renovating A Kitchen
product: 110515404

Whether you are planning a new kitchen or remodelling an old one, this book is for you. Learn from professional advice on how to design a functional kitchen, remodel your existing kitchen to suit your

£12.03ex. VAT
£12.03 no VAT
Image of  Build Like A Pro: Building Outdoor Structures
product: 110519395

Building Outdoor Structures offers practical, easy-to-follow instructions on enhancing any home's front and backyard with the natural beauty of wood. Starting with the simple uses of wood in lands

£12.49ex. VAT
£12.49 no VAT
Image of  Do It: Home Decorating
product: 110516228

This lavishly illustrated, inspirational book is written in a friendly, accessible style, that clearly demonstrates how easy and effective home decorating can be. It covers every aspect of home decora

£12.03ex. VAT
£12.03 no VAT
Image of  Building Traditional Kitchen Cabinets
product: 110517971

Learn how to build premium cabinetry of superior quality in your own shop...from layout and design to installation and final adjustment. Jim Tolpin simplifies the process of building cabinets by using

£10.62ex. VAT
£10.62 no VAT
Image of  Setting Tile
product: 110510804

Now revised and updated, this classic book on tiling will show you how to design and install your own floors, walls, countertops and shower stalls. Contains step-by-step instructions, up-to-date infor

£10.62ex. VAT
£10.62 no VAT
Image of  Deck Ideas that Work
product: 110513722

With proper planning and design, a deck can add a new dimension of living space to a home. Not only is it an enjoyable outdoor retreat and expanded entertainment area for family and friends, but it&rs

£10.62ex. VAT
£10.62 no VAT
Image of  Ideas That Work: New Bathroom Ideas that Work
product: 110513579

A bathroom redo is one of the most popular remodelling projects. If homeowners aren’t thinking about an update, they’re considering a full-scale remodel. No matter what they’re plann

£10.62ex. VAT
£10.62 no VAT
Image of  The Organic Series: Paths, Patios and Decking
product: 110518871

Spending time in your garden is one of life’s great pleasures and adding hard landscaping such as paths, patios and decking will provide not only a structure to any garden design, but also the o

£12.49ex. VAT
£12.49 no VAT
Image of  For Pros By Pros: Tiling
product: 110513371

Relatively affordable as DIY projects go, tiling is also one of the most popular among homeowners. New tile can cover a multitude of sins and transform a space, from tiny entry to spacious kitchen, in

£11.04ex. VAT
£11.04 no VAT
Image of  Furniture Workshop
product: 110513753

This practical guide by Kevin Ley, compiled from his popular articles in Furniture and Cabinetmaking and The Router magazines, is an essential reference to everything the keen furniture-maker needs to

£12.25ex. VAT
£12.25 no VAT
Image of  Cabins & Cottages
product: 110515397

Whether building a summer cottage in the woods or homesteading off the grid, this book gives readers a logical and sensible approach to building permanent shelter in out of the way places. Building a

£6.66ex. VAT
£6.66 no VAT
Image of  The Missing Shop Manual: Drills and Drill Presses
product: 110514727

In addition to explaining the basics of safety and set-up, this handy reference helps woodworkers get the most for their money by getting the most from their equipment. From basic holes and driving sc

£10.62ex. VAT
£10.62 no VAT
Image of  How to Build a House
product: 110519678

Since its founding in 1976, the non-profit Habitat for Humanity International has built more than 255,000 houses for more than one million people and families in need world wide. First published in 20

£10.83ex. VAT
£10.83 no VAT
Image of  Working with Concrete
product: 110516141

In Working with Concrete, veteran builder Rick Arnold explains everything from mix characteristics and formwork options to waterproofing details and repair procedures. You'll benefit from Arnold&#

£11.04ex. VAT
£11.04 no VAT
Image of  Smart Workshop Solutions
product: 110515786

Professional woodworker Paul Anthony has gathered the best examples of workshop accessories, shop aids, and storage solutions and provides plans and instructions for building them. A perennial woodwo
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