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Steel & Cast Iron Wood Burning & Multifuel Stoves

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£349.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke Regal 2 Cast Iron Stove
product: 090311131

8399021801508 The Regal 2 is an elegant multi fue

£209.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke Barrel - Cast Iron Stove - Woodburning / Multi fuel
product: 090310300

8399021801508 The compact Barrel multi fuel / woo

£399.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke Junior Victoria II Cast Iron Stove
product: 090310061

8399021801508 The classically designed Junior Vic

£219.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke Boxwood - Cast Iron Stove
product: 090310190

8399021801508 The standard, compact version of th

£329.00ex. VAT
SAVE £12
Was £406.80 inc.VAT
Image of  Clarke Boxwood Deluxe - Cast Iron Stove
product: 090310180

8399021801508 Closely following a very traditiona

£249.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke Buckingham Cast Iron Stove
product: 090310135

8399021801508 The classically designed Buckingham

£369.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke Cottager II Cast Iron Stove
product: 090310076

8399021801508 Classically designed this stove add

£94.98ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke Pot Belly - Standard Size Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove
product: 090310030

8399021801508 The ideal stove for smaller spaces

£129.98ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke Pot Belly Large - Cast Iron Stove
product: 090310040

8399021801508 Following closely a time honoured d

£219.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke Pot Belly Extra Large - Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove
product: 090310170

8399021801508 The largest of our three traditiona

£319.00ex. VAT
SAVE £12
Was £394.80 inc.VAT
Image of  Clarke Parlour - Cast Iron Stove
product: 090310150

8399021801508 A versatile wood and coal burning s

£189.98ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke Thames Cast Iron Stove
product: 090310115

8399021801508 Classically designed this stove add

£469.00ex. VAT
SAVE £12
Was £574.80 inc.VAT
Image of  Clarke Victoria Cast Iron Stove
product: 090310140

8399021801508 This quality fire-brick lined cast

£429.98ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke Pembroke Cast Iron Stove
product: 090319900

8399021801508 The Pembroke multi fuel / wood burn

£429.00ex. VAT
SAVE £12
Was £526.80 inc.VAT
Image of  Clarke Mayfair Steel Stove
product: 090319910

8399021801508 The new Mayfair, with its superb bu

Limited stock, please call 0115 956 5555 for availability.

£499.98ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke Majestic Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove
product: 090319905

8399021801508 This great looking, new, contempora

£589.00ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke Richmond Cast Iron Multifuel/Woodburning Stove
product: 090310125

8399021801508 Classically designed this stove add

£299.98ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke Carlton Cast Iron Stove
product: 090319898

8399021801508 The elegant multi-fuel / wood burni

£14.99ex. VAT
Image of  Clarke SP5 Heat Resistant Stove Paint - Matt Black (500ml)
product: 130110200

High quality paint, heat resistant to 650ºC. Ideal for the decoration and protection of stoves, Chimineas, fire place surrounds, fire baskets / grates, BBQ’s, storage tanks, flue pipes etc

Add style and warmth to any house with our huge range of top quality contemporary and and traditional cast iron stoves perfect for burning both coal and wood.
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Wood Burning Stoves  

Beautiful traditional designs available for wood burning stoves.  Glass front versions show the inviting flame, creating warmth and great atmosphere in the home, barges, riverboats and cottages.  Our stoves feature air control features which speeds or slows burning rate, and the air wash system keeps the glass clear of soot.

The wood burning stoves can add a cozy & sophisticated feel to your front room and with the upcoming winter months there’s never been a better time to buy one! We have large and small stoves suitable for a variety of living spaces. Purpose built for efficiently burning wood or coal, our stoves have all the right design specifications to keep your home warm during those cold nights.

We have classically and more traditionally designed stoves on offer and the variety of models in stock are capable of heating up rooms of all shapes and sizes. The ability to provide dependable heat over a long period of time, make our wood burning / multifuel stoves a bargain for first time buyers and seasoned D.I.Y buyers alike.

Our stoves are easy to install so you can get them up and running quickly. Another bonus is the lack of ash mess created; this will allow you to relax in the knowledge that you will not have to do a tedious clean up after the wood has finished burning.

As well as being source of warmth, these wood stoves can be the centerpiece of your room & the talk of the party!


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